Assisted dieing

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In the daily express today, it mentions France has announced it’s going to legalise assisted dieing for adults suffering from an incurable illness, under specific conditions, the article goes on to say, in a survey 63% of Britons surveyed agreed that a safeguarded system would be safer than our current law, 52% said they would consider going to Dignitas in Switzerland, though only 28% said they could afford the cost. Campaigners are now calling for the UK to get a Bill debated here.
I can honestly say I hope they do, you don’t exactly have to look very far to find examples of why bringing in a Bill, would be the right thing, my mom died of brain tumours, as it was during COVID, we cared for her at home, it was very traumatic to watch her detention, very often, in pain & distress, my uncle died of pancreatic cancer in 2019, after he was diagnosed, he had an operation to remove the tumour, but then they found it had spread, he went through months of chemo, suffering in pain the whole time, when the doctor said the operation had increased his life by a number of months, he said “but what kind of life was it, in & out of hospital , having chemo, ill & in pain, I’d of been better off not having the operation & getting it over with quicker,” :pensive: people should be allowed their legal right to choice, to die with dignity.

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I hope the government finally sees sense too.
I looked after my lovely wife for three years.
She ended up bedbound and weighing less than 5 stones. She was in pain, miserable and had no quality of life.
It was traumatic for me and the family watching that wonderful lady fade away before our eyes.
She passed away in January and to be honest it was a blessing for her when the end came.
I miss her so much, but she didnt deserve all that pain and misery.


Hi @Plantman
Thank you for your reply, & sorry to hear of your traumatic loss. Sending hugs of support.

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Yes I agree Pandaprincess, when you are told there is no hope of recovery you should be given the choice of ending your life. My husband Pete was diagnosed with liver and then pancreatic cancer as he was left 6 months not the 63 days for the operation so it had spread. I have joined Dignity in Dying the organisation which are lobbying parliament to let this humane act in to our country. Needless to say the House of Lords are against it. To watch the person you love lose half their weight, be in constant pain and doped up on morphine and multiple other madications is heart breaking for them and their loved ones. unless you have witnessed such a death you have no idea of what it is like. So yes 100% give the patient a choice as the alternative is needless and cruel. Sending my thoughts to you and others who have been through this nightmare.
Love Jenny


Let’s be honest our government have dragged their heels on passing legislation to bring in assisted dying. What right have they got to tell us we can’t help someone to die in an assisted way? None whatsoever.
It’s coming to something you have to go to dignitas and pay for it.
This government should hang their heads in shame!!!