Associations with sounds

How have people coped with sounds that they associate with the person they have lost?

I live fairly near a hospital and hear ambulance sirens a lot. It never bothered me before but since my partner passed recently at home I’m more aware of it and sometimes find it upsetting.

He rode a motorbike and I’d listen out for him on his way home. I’d give him a wave and blow a kiss from the window when he was going away for a bit. A few other people on the estate have bikes so I hear them a lot as well as delivery drivers. I know it isn’t his bike because it sounds different but it still makes me a little sad.


Dear @TheCatWhisperer

When you are on your own after your loved one has passed, you may be aware of sounds and noises around you that you did not notice before.

As your partner rode a bike it would be natural for you to pick up on this sound. For some this can be comforting with bringing back happy memories but for others like yourself these can remind you of the loss of your partner.

What you are experiencing is normal and part of the grieving process.

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your post.

Take care.


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