At 21 lost first partner now 38 losing my second

At the age of 21 I lost my first fiancé when I was 7 mouth pregnant with my first baby I never reached out for support then it was so sudden undiagnosed heart condition my son helped me greave then. I am now 38 and Been with my Fiancé for 15 years 3 years ago he was dignosed with stage 4 cancer fast forward today and the out look is not good he is still trying to fight but I am lost with it all


This is so sad. Have you thought of medication for a while, might be of some help. I have been on this board for a little while now and although it is full of heartache it has also enabled me to process things, we are not completely alone although I still do feel like that at times.
Sending love, I wish I could offer more but that’s all I have.
Joe x

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Bless you your post resonates with me I lost my husband of 35 years at the age of 56 and my partner of 13 years last November. There’s no magic wand all you can do is put one foot infront of the other and take each day as it comes. It does get easier but it takes time too and being kind to yourself is so important right now. Ask for help take the support that’s offered and hang on to the good memories as it’s them that will get you through the bad times. I won’t give you the platitude that time heals it doesn’t all it does is changes your perceptions and you learn new coping stratagies when the bad days hit . Take care and keeping talking about how you feel.

Thank you so much for your lovely message it’s taken a long time for me to seek support for myself x

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So sorry to hear of all the things you are going through. You will find support and kindness on here and we all help each other. Its helped me and I hope it helps you. Take care of yourself. Hugs xxxx

Your welcome xx You’ve taken the 1st step so be proud of yourself with support and listening ears on here you will get there x

Am sending you a virtual hug.

This is a very hard situation to be in isn’t it.

I lost my partner suddenly in Feb and we have a 4 year old little girl which she helps me through the dark days.

Please out for support where you can.

Lots of love take care Claire x