At last he is back home

I have just brought my husband back home from the undertakers. I promised him that I would bring him home but I never thought it would be like this. I have read the other blogs and don’t need to describe in detail the pain you feel as it is universal.

Hi Florence,
I am so sorry about your bereavement. I think it is a wonderful thing that you do. My dear Janet, My Princess, died nearly a year ago, & I too kept her at home after she died. I just could not bear the thought of her somewhere cold and strange. How many times do we say it, everyone has to do this the way they feel is right for them. I am so pleased I did this - family could come & go as they wanted and sit with Janet in privacy and in surroundings which were so familiar. I had breakfast with Janet and talked to her (I still do). She stayed at home until the day of her funeral (some 2 weeks). The heartbreak will never go of course, but for me, and for Janet this was the right thing at the time. Janets ashes are at home now and when my time comes, I have instructions that we be put together. For eternity. Its all we ever wanted.
God bless you and I hope you are as okay you can be in these early days.