Hello I would like to speak to others who have lost a child recently.

My son has never left me and is in the ‘spirit world’…I am very down to earth not religious as such but my whole attitude about death has changed since my wonderful son aged 53 died suddenly while out running.

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Hi Audrey, I am so sorry your son has died and you are having to struggle to look after your terminally ill husband. There are many people here who are here to talk to you and help you.

Hello Audrey I totally understand what your going through my son died March 2019 the pain is unbearable am still struggling so much sending hugs to you god bless you x

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Hi Audrey I’m so very sorry for your loss the physical and metal pain is unbearable, I still find it hard to even write this because I don’t want to believe it’s true , I lost my son Matt my kind funny and compassionate young man on the 13th June just 2 weeks before his 24 th birthday , and sadly lost his sister Megan ten years before, I hope you will get some support here, it’s feels as if we are all do alone in the ‘normal’ world, sending best wishes


Your post is truly heartbreaking. Seeing the strength displayed by incredible women such as you, Audrey and Shazza (+ everyone else on this site) is giving me the strength to carry on in the face of such overwhelming sadness and darkness. Thank you. I’m sending you so much love. X

My son also died very suddenly…he looked fit and healthy so the tremendous shock that came with it was unbearable,we had to have a inquest and the coroner said he had died of arrhythmia.he was 43.
Like you ,I am not a religious person , but I feel Christian’s presence around me quite often and that is so comforting and sometimes upsetting for the urge to see and talk to him and give him a massive hug can be unbearable…Take care and keep posting ,it helps immensely to talk to other Mothers that have and are going through the same emotions. xxx

Dear Audrey
I’m so sorry you’re here posting about your son who has passed into spirit.

I lost my younger son Henry last October- he was 30. I miss him desperately but I’m comforted to know he’s in spirit. We will be reunited one day and every day without him is a day closer to seeing him again. That keeps me going.

The pain I feel is I’m sure the same for everyone here…it doesn’t diminish but I can have spells not feeling it. I’m thinking of you and send warm hugs. Keep posting here, people are so supportive.


Thank you so much every one for the wonderful messages I have received…there are so many … I would dearly love to reply to you all but wonder if it is possible to put another message so each of you can see it? … I know I can help some of you …I need to tell you all what has happened to me since my lovely son passed into the ‘spirit world’…wonderful things actually which has given me no end of comfort knowing he is safe and at peace. I also know he is waiting
for us…This life is not all there is to it…I never thought I would hear myself say this but I have found out through the passing of my son it is a fact and true…we are only passing through…your wonderful children were called as mine was…I have spoken to other people who have experienced similar happenings!!..I am not religious but always have classed myself as a caring loving person.!!..Your children are with you in mind and heart… Never forget that…when we cry we are crying for ourselves and the physical and mental void our children have left…Take one day at a time as that is all we are given…Just one day…Think like this what would your children want for you??? … They would want us to be at peace wouldn’t they? Thinking of you all with love…I know how you feel…I will tell you all the signs which my lovely son has sent to us since he left this earth suddenly.
These constant 'happenings lift my spirit and make me happy… I have peace of mind which is what we all need…

Dear Audrey,
Thank you for such positive thoughts and do let us know how and when you feel your son’s presence.

Your post resonates with me so much.

Warm hugs to you
Purple x

Hi Audrey
I would like to hear some of your experiences, I’ve struggled this time to feel my son around me, as I Felt I had with my daughter, this has worried me that he was trapped somewhere, or trying to get back. I felt more confident my daughter Megan who had suffered ill health was ready to move on and that gave me peace, Matthew was just 23 fit and healthy and it’s been such a shock, but I have had some things happen and so want to believe it’s him trying to send us messages. When my daughter passed ten years ago, my friend asked if I’d had any signs and I hadn’t, but the very next day my husband looked out of our bedroom window and said ‘ it’s ironic ‘ I asked him what he meant he said well the birds have started going in that bird box today , I was really taken aback he had made the birdhouse and put it outside megans room they watched it everyday and he kept saying to her ‘ bloody birds never go in there Megan’ within 24 hours of her death the birds started to nest in it , I’ve always felt that was my sign from her . Please share yours, I believe I’ve had some from Matt xx

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Dear Jayne,
Whatever you experienced it is definitely your Matt contacting you. Our loved ones spirits come through birds/animals/Electrical appliances/other!!! My son was out running for a children’s charity with his eldest daughter and his dog on Good Friday the 19th April 2019…they had come to the end of the run when he suddenly fell back …he died instantly…nothing could bring him back…There was a paramedic on hand they tried everything and they could not bring him back…do you know why? He didn’t want to come back… he was so loved and at peace where he was and the happiest he had ever been!!! I hear him all the time saying to me ’ Mom I am all right’
I don’t know if you remember the weather at Easter time last year, 2019… well it was very very hot and on Easter Sunday we were all sitting in the lounge in shock. It was in the high 70s and so so still…the previous Sunday my son had been fixing a fence on the decking outside the lounge window with his Dad…however 48 hours after he passed to the minute we were shocked to hear a sudden loud gust of wind shaking the fence which my son had fixed !!! I began to scream and we all ran out to see what was happening…It stopped as quickly as it had started…I had to go upstairs to lie down and my daughter was lying next to me saw what happened next as the TV which was switched off began to flash!!! It wasn’t until the next day that we all began to realise that it was our sons spirit that had come back home letting us know he is here in this house and safe. There was no other explanation to this Jayne…Since then these happenings are consistent…I will tell you more. Talk to Mathew he is watching you and safe and happy. Sent with love

Hi , Thank you for your story That’s amazing And reassuring , it’s strange because his friends all had experiences before us and when I spoke to them I laughed and said that’s so typical of him, It was probably ten days after my husband was in his shed ( where he and Matt would share a beer) and heard a massive bang he went to his greenhouse and one of the panels had completely shattered we looked for evidence of a bird or something to explain what had happened there was nothing, I also woke one night my phone flashed on I unplugged it thinking it was a power surge then the heating thermostat flashed on and off still thinking a storm must be on it’s way, I shut my eyes realised I could hear voices I got up and the tv in the kitchen had switched its self on I went down and turned it off then the lights turned themselves off, I’ve been making excuses but I so hope that’s my boy and hopefully he’s with his sister , we’ve just been away for a week trying to clear our heads , and walked in the country side a bee followed us for about 3 minutes almost along side my husband my daughter and I watched saying how unusual it was , thank you so much for sharing your experiences x

I know how you feel because. I feel the same. My daughter was 53 and died 3 years ago this coming November. She didn’t feel well and went to lie down, her husband went to check on her and found she was dead. We waited 3.5 months for the results of toxicology and post mortem tests only to be told they had no idea why she died as her heart was healthy as were her arteries. At times I feel the grief dragging me down and as hard as I fight it it overcomes me. My husband is not her father, he died suddenly at the age of 46 in front of me and that was heart related, doesn’t really understand my grief. Sometimes when I am feeling good, I feel guilty, I know that I shouldn’t but I do. Then I lost my brother last January to terminal cancer. and my youngest daughter has just been diagnosed diabetic, although she is young fit and slim. Sometimes I wonder why everything is thrown at some people and others seem to go through life without this. There is light at the end of the tunnel and maybe I’ll get there one day.

Oh Gina, I am so so sad and sorry for you…that is shocking…today my husband and I have cried all morning !!! The pain and emptiness we feel is unbelievable …I think we are still in shock…I also know we are crying for ourselves as our son and your daughter are at peace…the spirit world is where we are all going too…I know this to be true as our son sends signs to us telling us he is safe and fine within 2 days of his passing… I find what helps me to cope is that I keep saying 'we only have today to suffer on this earth before we see him again. We are only passing through…Live every day as if its your last…Your daughter would want you to live your lives and definitely not to feel guilty when you get any reprieve however slight it may be…I know my son would be furious with us if we gave up. … Sadly until a person experiences the worst kind of grief that this is it is impossible for others to understand.
I totally do…You have had a lot of sad cards dealt to you but you know there is no rhyme or reason why this happens. It happens to a lot of people…talk to anyone and they will tell you.
Like I said, One day at a time only…Every day is different. …one thing I do know is our lives will never be the same again but that doesn’t mean we cannot have a laugh, enjoy life etc etc as much as possible which I am telling you to do… Live your life…we will have bad days but they will pass…Your lovely daughter would want that for you…Always remember our children were called as we will be too… … They are safe now…We are not religious Gina but I do know that this is not all there is…Take comfort in that knowledge…Read up on Near Death Experiences!!! NDE for short it will help you. Take care

I too lost my son to SADS on 21st June, aged just 22. I cannot understand for one second why this happened. Every aspect is devastating, he was happy, compassionate, funny & such fabulous company. I desperately miss him & yearn to hold him.
He was fit & healthy, one minute fine then in a blink of an eye gone. I found him unresponsive & from that second our lives changed irreversibly & heartbroken.
I’m so sorry for your loss and am sending you strength to carry on.

The same happened to my daughter 2yrs 9mths ago. She was 53. Not knowing exactly why she died is very difficult. We were just told it was SADS. But why? She is forever I my heart. I feel for everyone who has lost. child of any age. xx

I’m so very sorry for your loss too. It literally makes no sense at all & never will. Heartbroken til my last breath. Til we are together again. Sending love and strength xx

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