Aunty just died

Omg cant take much more
Mum in law died then dad died my aunt died
Now mum just of phone my Aunty has just died
She was really ill few days ago I feel so fuckin guilty I told mum no not to go up to hospital as worried she catch virus didn’t want her to die
But really thought she would come round
She was on way home she died in ambulance
Not lot support as usual from husband
I was totally there for him when was his family

Hello, I can hear the total desperation in your writing. My sympathies are with you. Don’t be hard on your husband, some males don’t get grieving in the same way as women grieve, if that makes any sense. We are all different is really what I am saying. You have had such a tough time and need space to deal with it. It wouldn’t help being Christmas but if you can find time just for yourself it may help. Take care of yourself.

Hi Susie
Thanks for your msg
I’m try not be too hard on my husband
But it’s so difficult
Read my other recent posts
Year from hell?
That was my last 2 posts
Everyone seems to be dying round about me
It’s so hard & cant really talk to family about most of it
As for my hymusband dosent seem to bother him
That much
He dosent seem to notice how much I’ve changed or the fact most days I just want stay in bed
He dosent understand how much all this affect me
Invluding lost my job

Hi, yes I have seen some of your other posts, it did remind me that at one stage I lost 5 family members in twelve months and moved house, it was hard. I don’t think I thought about grieving until it was all over and went on holiday. We traveled around but each day all I wanted to do was sleep or hide under a big blanket but I was the only one like that, so off we went. Not sure now whether that was good or not but as they say I just had to get on with it. Now with my last loss I still have days that I don’t feel I can deal with life. Grief is hard and until it affects us, personally, it’s hard for others to understand. As I said, take care of yourself. There is always tomorrow, hopefully.

So sorry susie for your lisses❤️

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