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It will be 6 weeks on Saturday since I lost my Mam to pulmary fibrosis. I had to be brave and in control for everyone and sorted everything out for my dad which is fine. Now the funerals over with and life is carrying on I just feel I haven grieved and feel like I’m stuck in limbo because I’m heartbroken but have always been the strong one so can’t let go. I feel so guilty it’s as if she didn’t matter and I’ve just carried on I just don’t know what to do.

Dear Annex
So sorry to hear about the pairing of you mum. I lost me mum June 2016 and then my son was killed in an accident just over 3 months ago so my life is in such a bad place in the moment. One thing I did learn from organising my mums funeral is that you can be ok whilst you sort things out and then once things are sorted and the funeral is over and everyone else moves one you just think what now?
The day after the funeral I could not work out why I felt so bad, I thought I had got through the worst part but then I realised that although everyone else was getting on, it would be a long time till I felt right again, unfortunately I was just about getting over mum when my son passed and there is defiantly no moving on from this one, this for me is a life sentence but I have so much support and I carry on because this is what my amazing son would of wanted and I know your mum would want the same for you.
Take care

That really makes sense about mum and after the funeral, thinking that was the worst day but it carrying on. I am so sorry about your son that’s something no mother should have to go through but I’m sure he would want you to go on and be happy but carrying that out is not as easy. Thank you for your reply xx

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