Avoidance is bliss... And so is yoga. 😊

OK, I’ve been offline for a, while and I ve enjoyed the break of being, the one who lost her mum, '. Even though my we ve all lost her. But ya know, it was good. I started yoga, (which mummy would have loved), and to be honest. I’ve had a good wee month. :blush:. Mummy would have been happy about that more than anything. Xx


Hi Theresa,
I’m glad you have tried something new. I should also do yoga as I’m always so stressed and find it hard to relax and switch off.
I can imagine at some point it would be good to have an online break as well. Nice to hear from you.
Cheryl x

Lovely that you’ve found something that you are enjoying.

Hi - I too have had a good wee month…I have discovered Qigong which is a form of yoga. I’ve been practicing daily for 3 weeks and I feel that it is helping me to find my balance again, physical and emotional. It is very easy, very relaxing - and wonderful for an older person (I’m 68) whose body & spirit have been ravaged by grief. It’s up to us now to look after ourselves.

Hi, Lovely to hear from you. I too do Yoga and when I can I go onto my patio and do it in front of a statue of a Buddha. I have looked up Qigong and will incorporate these breathing exercises in my workout. When the weather is acceptable I go into woodland overlooking the seafront and out to sea and do Yoga exercises, it is very therapeutic and has helped as I can incorporate it with a long walk. plus I love tree’s Too treacherous to get to this point at the moment… We are never too old, so age should not put anyone off, can only help us.
Take care
Pat xxx

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I to do yoga and have done for about 20 years. It really makes a difference to your body not to mention your mind. At present only doing a little at home but I must get more organised with my day. S

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