Awake at night

What do you do when you wake at night and can’t sleep?

Listen to this:

Lots of love


Read grief support groups on FB and snuggle with my cat.


I sometimes watch YouTube videos until I feel sleepy again.

If I’m REALLY not sleepy then I’ll usually go and make myself a cup of tea.

Last night I was awake from 3.30am to around 5am. I had a cup of tea and read some of my book.


Thank you for tips.

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I just get up, have a snack and a cup of decaff coffee, and snuggle up somewhere else (normally my settee) under a heated throw with my dogs on top. I listen to the radio or youtube. Then I sleep like a log.

Eat. Smoke…Cry. Facebook till I’m bored. I’m a day sleeper from 'way back anyway. Who sleeps?

It is 4 am and I woke up in the early hours. I do mostly what everyone else does usually. I am on the pc upstairs because my phone is under the sofa and cannot get it out with a knitting needle. So just use what I can. Thinking of that Beatle song
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