Anyone awake? Sleep is v patchy for me just now

I’m here Pam, hoping you’re resting and keeping cozy…it’s very still and quiet here, a welcome change from the constant winds battering us recently, sending my kindest wishes, xx

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Hello you two. I’m awake also. Sleep is still hit and miss for me. I’ve just got up to make a drink. I’ve been lying awake listening to the rain hammering down :flushed::tired_face:. Nice to know someone’s out here to call out to, isn’t it Pam? Sending you a hug. A hug winging it’s way to you too Rainbow :two_hearts: xx

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And a big warm hug right back…it’s just like old times, I can remember our previous thread and the lovely Edwin used to join us. I’m reminded of the song, ‘Hello darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again’…someone will always come to show the way, enjoy your cuppa, xx

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Hello. It is so nice to get replies! It is quiet outside here for the first night in ages. Im sleeping on and off during the day as respite and same at night- in patches. Havent managed to do anything much yet. Thinking of vol work - not ready but will i ever be. What is everyone else doing during the day? I can read a little but thats about all until i throw the duvet over my head again. Hugs and lovex

I often think of Edwin, Rainbow. He used to make me smile in the depths of my despair. The song you’ve just mentioned, I may have said before, I had played at my husband’s funeral. I’ll put it on the songs thread. It was the version by Disturbed.

Pam, yes it is nice to find someone to chat too. Someone who understands. I never seem to sleep in the day but then I do have my two dogs. I go to work also. I work 27 hours a week over 5 days. I do enjoy going to work. That’s my respite. A good distraction. Try to snuggle down my lovelies. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thats good Kate. Dogs are wonderful companions. Maybe il apply for something though being a carer my references are not recent. I think il do this and that and this and end up doing nothing but its early days. Hugs and lovex

We need to keep busy Pam. Something to get up for, something to give us focus. It’s hard. :kissing_heart:

Hi Pam, thanks for the hug. I’ve been on my grief journey for over two years now. I have accepted my sleep pattern as it is…I don’t let it concern me too much. Sometimes I’m able to find comfort in going through my memories of my beautiful husband, in the early hours. I was always a good sleeper when he was with me and I looked forward to his early morning cuppa, he worked night shift.
I have joined a gym and go along to forever fitness classes twice a week. I’m often out walking with one of my neighbours and I head to the shops for a mooch, a couple of times a week. My old colleagues keep in touch and there’s the odd lunch or picture show. I’m home alone and it’s taken up until recently for me to accept that this is the way it is, for me. I found that it really is about keeping in the present, just one day at a time and blocking thoughts of the future, for now. Being kind to myself is about acceptance, it’s hard work and doesn’t come easily or quickly. Maybe you’ll drift off shortly, don’t know if you’ve tried listening to body scanning before? can help sometimes. Lovely to chat, xxx

I know. I need to get something going. Il see what i can do this week. Thanks Katex

Rainbow. Whats body scanning? Its good youve got these coping mechanismsx

I was always a good sleeper too. Like you Rainbow, I’ve accepted my sleep pattern, I just go with it and if that means getting up in the night well so be it. My husband used to bring me my first cuppa of the day, every morning. Oh how I miss that. I have to make my own now but I still take it back to bed :blush:.
You seem to keep yourself busy lovely Rainbow, you have a good attitude. I like it. :kissing_heart:

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We definitely need coping strategies Pam. My journal is one of mine. In fact I’ve just been writing to my David in it now. It gives such comfort :heart:

Body scanning is relaxation, can be part of meditation or mindfulness. Someone talks you through a process of controlled thinking about how your body feels right now and allows your brain to have a bit of a deserved rest. You’ll find lots of different versions on YouTube…I’ve found the Headspace app most helpful, x

Thanks. Will have a look. Before i became a carer i worked with vulnerable women and children so know a bit about different therapies (harder to apply to yourself) im a bit creative so maybe try doing some art therapy. Thanks x

Right girlies, I’m going to put my head down now and try to sleep. Lovely chatting to you both. Lots of love. Night night :zzz::zzz: xxxx

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Night night. Thankyou both for being there. Makes a differencex

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Thank you too, x

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