Awful anxiety

Hi, this is a complicated tail really of multiple loss that have occurred over just over 2 years. My mum, my father in law, my cat got run over, my husband was diagnosed with cancer, then he got made redundant and we had a scare 3 weeks ago but thankfully its ok. I think i have used all my internal resources up and im sufferring from just the worst anxiety. I feel my body and mind has never really had time to recover and now im payjng the price. I have now contacted my GP as i think i need some help. The thing i miss is a mothering prescense whilst i go through this. I miss reassurance and someone to look after you. I dont have that in my life, and that leaves a constant big hole which makes me sad on top of the anxiety. Im a mum as well so its hard to manage me and my sin whilst i feel so. My relationship with my mum who died was complicated and she wasnt able to parent well, but i still loved her but i miss that support… anyone else had really bad anxiety? Missing their mums, wanting reassurance?

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Hello TIGGER55

I’m so sorry to read this. A lot of people find themselves very anxious after a bereavement and under challenging life circumstances. Thank you so much for sharing this with the community :blue_heart: I’m sure someone will be along to offer their support, but I just wanted to let you know that you have been heard and you are not alone. I also wanted to share a few resources for you.

It’s good that you are speaking with your GP, you can ask to be referred to counselling or support services in your local area. You can also look at the following:

  • You can use the NHS IAPT scheme to search for psychological therapies in your local area: Find an NHS talking therapies services - NHS

  • If you’re employed, check whether your employer offers an Employee Assistance Programme and what help you might be entitled to under this scheme

  • If you are looking for a private therapist, you can search for one at Some therapists may offer a sliding scale of fees for people on lower incomes.

Keep reaching out, the community is here for you.

Take care, Rhi

Hi @TIGGER55 . Really sorry to read your tale, many of us remember how it is (or was!). Youve already started to look for help, keep going, and Im sure you will eventually look back from a position of strength and calmness. I hope the GP offers therapy, and doesn’t rely solely on medication. The biggest problem is realising you have the problem, which you’ve done. Well done and good luck

Thank you for your kind words. I sm having therapy but i think i need some meds as well to work alongside. Thank you again x

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