Baby girl 18 weeks

I lost my baby girl 5 days ago at 18+3 days, she was severely brain damaged and was told that there was a 95-99% that she wouldn’t make it to birth, sadly she didn’t and she passed away, she was born at just 8oz… the pain is unbearable

Oh Becks, I am so sorry , this is so painful for you, take care J x

Dear Becks
I am so terribly sorry that your beautiful baby did not survive. There are never words enough but I shall hold you in my heart and include you in my prayers. God bless you and walk with you. X sorry for your loss. We lost our son on the 22 May 2018. He was only 4 months old and died suddenly. He is survived by his twin sister who is still in hospital. They were premature and we are terrified we will lose her too. We are numb and cannot see how we can survive this tragic lose of our son who we wanted and loved so much.

Hi Becks, I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I lost my twin girls on 23/04/18 at 20 weeks after 15 hours in labour. The emotional and physical trauma has been unbearable. I truly know your pain. Please know that you are not alone.

I found that the first few weeks are very up and down- your body is adjusting to not being pregnant anymore, your hormones will be a bit chaotic. The emotions are so raw. I found that reality really sunk in at the funeral though. Since then (last week) I feel as though my actual grieving process has started- and it’s not nice :frowning:

I know none of this makes sense… but I’m clinging to a hope that my babies’ death will have some meaning one day.

You have survived the physical trauma thus far, keep going… even if you’re balling your eyes out… keep putting one step in front of the other- even if all you accomplish for the day is doing the laundry.

We’ve been through the worst part. Now let us take time to heal, day by day.

Be kind to yourself. x

Hi becks, I’m so sorry for your loss. If I can help you by sharing my story then I will. I found out I was pregnant two years ago, I was try to be a mother for two years and I got there. I was so happy . I called my mum and told her also asked what to do next. She said call the dr. So I did. Next morning I was bleeding noting to heavy. Went to the dr he said your fine. Few more days had passed and I was still bleeding. I said to my husband something is wrong. I went to A&E they also told me I was fine. At this stage I was 5weeks and was still bleeding. Again went to hospital and they told me I’m just anxious. A week later I had a 6week scan and they told me I’d had a miscarriage. I was very upset because I’d been trying to get help for so long. They done bloods and told me I was actually still pregnant and they can’t find him. So it turned out I was having an ectopic pregnancy.
I had surgery and lost my son.
Words will never heal me nor anyone who faces any loss of a child.
Two years later I’m ok im healthy but still don’t have my son.
I feel angry and lost . You will be ok that I promise. The feeling will slowly go away. Much love to you . Xx

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