Baby lost to SIDS in 2008

We lost our beautiful baby boy 10 years ago today. I have 2 other children an 11 year old birth daughter and an adopted son who will be 3 in November. This anniversary has been the worst since his death. I thought I had grieved and accepted. But I am an emotional mess today. Has anyone else experienced this?

Hello JoC71,
I am sorry to hear that you are feeling the loss of your son so acutely today. Anniversaries are such difficult times, and even after acceptance of your loss, and quite a period of time has passed, there may still be triggers that open up your wounds afresh. Grieve for your son today, and what might have been. Let your tears flow and remember your beautiful baby boy. You will never forget him, and he will never truly leave you. Keep him as
a shining star in a special place in your heart, and never be afraid to think of him as the beautiful and special gift that he was. xxx