Back and WHAM!!!!!

I have been away for a long week end with my daughter ,son in law and my little prince . What a wonderful time we had ,the accommodation was just right ,the weather we couldn’t have asked for better, the company was great.
Although I see my daughter regularly it was lovely having company 24/7 for three days .
There were no tears for three days now back home alone and wham they start tears rolling down my face as I write this post.
I have so many things to do but just can’t get stuck into any of them and I think what’s the point , so if I’m not at work or have either of my grandkids I just sit and waste my days doing NOTHING
How do we get out of this rut


Dear Kazzer

You are not alone. Its the same for me. As an example this is my so called life.

I lost my lovely wife Anne of 50yrs 22months ago. Despite happy family meets the inevitable always happens - back in the soulless house alone and miserable where the tears of grief hit me all over again. After Anne passed I lost interest in all my hobbies and passtimes. I no longer do Tai Chi after 19yrs. And I no longer cycle or go fishing - fishing had been a life time pursuit. Like you there are so many things that need doing but I cannot be truly motivated. Yes some just about get done if the situation demands it but I put everything off as long as I can. And like you I sit and waste my days doing nothing, other than watching TV or looking forward to drinking my strong beer late afternoon until bed time.

Sadly I don’t have an answer for you or myself. I’m not even sure now if I want a solution. Its just become a natural part of my life because at 75yrs how can I possibly start a new and meaningful life?

Take care. James.