Back to square one

Woke up this morning to find out that my eldest daughter met up with my husbands family.I am so upset has have been trying to see them recently I didn’t want them here on Christmas day has it would of been to many people in house as I had my daughters sister and daughters partner.I have asked my sister in law to come with her family before but she only wanted to come on her own prior to christmas.I know that I didn’t really know what I wanted at Christmas but before this I was going for walks and wanted to see my husband family especially his mum (She doesn’t live locally).I didn’t realise how bad I was going to feel it hit me just two days before christmas an since then and now I find that they met up with my daughter.I have another Daughter who has just had a baby and didn’t treat me very nice after my husband passed does it n
Mean they are going to meet up with her separately too,I havn’t got patience to work every body out and feel I shouldn’t have to do this.I think I was copying reasonably well until Christmas, now I just feel rotten again and don’t want to talk to family now.I’ve had so much to deal with and why should I gave to put a face on like I have been doing.I say to people my daughters are young and they say 20 and 24 is not young.I can’t cope with one step forward then 10 back if you get what I mean

Hi Skylark im not saying this to offend (this is what i do ) think of number 1 .Youve lost your soulmate your nightmare will continue and the more you try and help family the more confused youll become if there not treating you right .I say no to everything i dont want to do .Be fair and understand to family ahem ive just lost my everything .They dont understand what your going through .Brave face i dont do that .Ihope im helping please tell me if im not Colin

Hi Colin, yes I’ve been told to think of myself but it is hard to do when for most of your adult life you have brought up a family and am finding making decisions hard so I guess it’s hard for other people to know what to youngest has left home no so no more confrontations there. But can’t believe all that’s happened on top of loosing my husband.thanks for your repky