Back tracking

Just lately the loss and grief of losing my darling girl is also more profound and real now.the stark reality of it is making me cry more often it normal ?I am engulfed with sadness and yes fury.I am on anti depressants but they don’t appear! To be helping me nurse says I have a stubborn depression. Can anyone identify with me?.

hello,Annette, yes I can identify with you I have been on anti depressants since January, I lost my lovely daughter D awn in December,and I am on them I could easely cry all day I miss her so much. She was 47years old How old was your daughter when did she pass? Maddie 49

My beloved daughter was forty six Maddie.she passed away last October.from cancer she had vulval cancer which is rare for someone of that age.I don’t know if I can carry on the pain is unbearable.I seem to be taking some steps forward but I regress and seem to take more steps is it for you?I am on meds anti seems that is all the medics can do.I have never been one for taking anti depressants but I do realize I probably need them.our daughters were nearly the same age went they my daughter is called sharryn.hugs to you