Bad day miss my dad

It’s been a bad day today I miss my Dad so much just want to go and sit with him and have a chat and a moan but he not there anymore. When m at home it feels as though he is still at his but I go there and he’s not and it hits me all over again. I don’t know what to do or how to get through this

You will find a way through, time passing plays a big part in that.

Try and think what your dad would say to you at the moment?

Maybe made up a photo album full of photos & write underneath each photo what you remember about when it was taken? It may help you feel closer to him.

Try saying what you want to his photo?

I believe love still connects us and that they can hear us and when our time comes we will meet again, try to think of this time as a temporary parting.

What would your dad want for you for the rest of your life? Ask the question as though he was sitting next to you and hear what he would say to you.