Bad Day (Week, Year)

Hiw do people get through this? Just seems to get worse.

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I’m afraid I don’t have the answer. Five months tomorrow and I’m numb now. Tried so many things to keep busy and carry on, but nothing works.


Im coming up to 4 months and it honestly feels like its getting worse. Just want to go to sleep and not wake up.

11 weeks for me , no warning for my husbands sudden heart attack , even though he had a previous heart smaller heart attack 20+years earlier the fatal one was nothing like the first time , he didn’t even know he was having a heart attack 2nd time ! I just have to say he passed out first he knew nothing . But I know everything x


I’m 3 and 1/2 months in and I also feel like it is getting worse. You are not alone in feeling that way @Cab
Every day I cry more, feel less able to cope and no matter what I try to do - exercise, take up new hobbies, see people, self isolate, clean, garden, …. - I still feel like life is pointless, I have no reason to live and my future without him is terrifying.
My counsellor says all the shock and numbness has now gone and I’m near the bottom of the grief ladder where I might stay for a while before I am able to start healing.
No idea how long I’ll be there, but it is absolute hell.
She said as our love was so rich it will be a long and difficult journey.
I kind of wish now we had had a shit marriage. But we didn’t - were very happy - and had 4 amazing kids.
Lost him way too young at 56 after short fight with rare untreatable cancer - just didn’t see it coming at all.
Not sure how to keep going either - except I promised him I’d look after the kids.
Sorry - not much help from me - but can send a virtual hug your way :hugs: