Bad day

Hi everyone
Is anyone else have a bad bad day .? What a silly question we are all in the same situation .
Just when I have a couple of ok days then I am in for the worst day ever my daughters really struggling crying angry her dad has gone and Covid on top stopping normal college days then I try and sort out some of my husbands clothes and the flood gates open causing my son to get upset. . Why do I fell worse now 7 months have past and why in other people’s eyes am I just meant to forget the love of my life
Sending hugs to everyone

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Awww, so sorry you’re having a really bad day. These things just sadly happen, don’t they, we have a few ok days, and then we have a really bad day. It can’t be easy for you to see your daughter really struggling, not only do you have to deal with the loss of your husband but you also have to deal with the pain and suffering your daughter is enduring. The pandemic certainly has made things more difficult, and those that think you can just move on don’t know what grief is. Really hope that tomorrow is a better day for you and your family. Hugggsss.

Thank you so much for your lovely reply
My daughter has autism so it’s been very tough on her losing her dad so young and within 2 weeks of knowing he had cancer . You have made me feel better already

That must be so awful, where someone dies just 2 weeks after diagnosis. Autism can certainly make coping with things like bereavement very difficult, I’m glad she has you looking out for her. It must also be very difficult for your son to cope with his own grief and see his mum and sister suffering. I hate grief, we just have to be patient, but that can be so difficult when you’re caught up in all the suffering that comes with grief. Talking can certainly help, and I am glad you’re talking about it here, as we often need an outlet. I hope your evening is better.

Thank you Abdullah

The bad days for me seem to be almost random! I tell myself that I will probably have a better day tomorrow. Trying to keep as positive as possible during a local lockdown here on Merseyside. Take care of yourselves, I find that there are lots of useful and supportive posts on here, Janet x

Many thanks Janet
Stay safe x