Do you have those days when all your emotions come at you at once ,you can try and keep busy to keep your mind off others things But it always gets you, losing a spouse is far harder than i thought,Not that i thought it would happen to me,BUT it did


A bad day is my reminder that I still have a connection to my hubby. Then I say he’s just not here at the moment.

My dad used to say - if they are in your head and heart, then they are never far away.

Take care


Thank you…

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Been a bad week for me too, your never alone
Would have been my partner’s birthday on Tuesday, I put a few words together and put it on Facebook along with the first photos of us and the last, nine years together and there was never any indication that we we’re an item, because those people that knew … just knew

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Yes @bussteve1, yesterday was one of those days where nothing anymore seems to make sense and what’s the point.
Then I remember our children and grandchildren, and know I have to carry on for them.
The love you have for your partner will always be with you.
Debbie x

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Thank you Debbie57

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Hi there
I also connect a bad day to my husband giving me a nudge to let me know that I am not to forget him. It is my conection with him.
Your Dad was so right. They are never far away when forever in our hearts.

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