Bad day

Very bad day today, not coping with the loss … Hooe you are all doing better than me xxx

Think we all trying to hang in there somehow! But I get what your saying sometimes you get a time when you think your settling down again then WHAM grief hits you like a bus … I’m new to this forum but happy to reach out a hand to you or anyone that needs it xx

Hi Debbie
My day started off like yours tried to decorate kitchen in the morning kept breaking down even listening to radio.Went to my eldest sons and girlfriend in the afternoon stayed the evening felt little better.He was close to his mum he’s a young 37 and took it badly.Its not the same as your love one soulmate as I say to him he tries to understand.
Will let you know the outcome of my visit to the clairvoyant just over a week from now.I am sign of work till end of month but as I only have year till retirement age may knock it on the head or pick up something part time.Hope tomorrow is an ok day for you it’s good to vent feelings here best wishes Steve

Hi DebbiSo very sorry you are not coping. I have been trying to feel better but nothing is working. I am now waiting for my Cruse counsellor to come…its been 3 weeks since I have spoken to her. I lost my only dear son, David on 4 August last year, I do so many things wrong these days my concentration is nil.
Hope you feel better soon x