Bad day

Don’t know why this week and especially today I’m a emotional wreck… im sat in the car a blubbering wreck.maybe as it’s mothers day soon…I’ve got so much s**t going on in my life it’s untrue. I’m sick of being strong for everyone and everyone’s skivvy…its about time I put myself first. I thought I was doing ok and I was but this week I have really felt it.

My thoughts are with you.
If we knew why our emotions take over at the most unexpected times I guess they wouldn’t happen. I think it is our coping mechanism kicking in, although you prob don’t feel you are coping but you are. You just feel weaker than normal today with what sounds like you have a heavy load to deal with.
Take time to cry it’s ok, and try and make time for you even if it just a walk in the park or a drive in the car. Five mins of me time is better than no me time!!
I hope you can pull yourself through, keep posting and talking.
Take care, my very best wishes Julie