Bad day

Woke this morning from horrible dream… I was shouting at my husband and sister, but no one was listen8ng to me!!! All I’ve don’t is cry since I woke up. My husband sits and plays on his iPad, while I cry… I guess I’m angry at him or my mum, passing or even the medical service, who I seems to be fighting with for months before my mum died…so strange, that I get similar dreams at least once a week…

Hi Caz

I know what you mean. My hubbie is addicted to War Robots on his Kindle and at times I could scream. We lost our daughter several months ago to suicide and sometimes you just want someone to see how you’re feeling, give you a hug, and put the damn thing down! I think it’s his way of escaping for a while so I’ve come to accept it - most of the time.

Like you I often have vivid dreams and they seem so real even when I wake up. I have to try hard to get back into the real world and not ponder where they came from or whether they had any hidden meaning. Hubbie on the other hand never remembers his dreams, in fact he says he never has dreams, so he doesn’t understand how disturbing they can be. Maybe yours is the same. As I’m falling asleep at night I try to think positive thoughts and that often works but like you I go through phases of having a recurring dream, usually me shouting at someone. I think it’s our mind’s way of dealing with the frustration we feel for the things we feel let our loved ones down.

I hope you sleep better tonight.

Sending you an understanding hug, Kathy

Hi, what I find difficult, is my husband volunteers for cruise, bereavement. I just feel, he saying… not again. I feel let down…I agreed with you, sometimes I just want hug and someone to say it be ok. I know grief is really personal to us but, just want him to think… at moment, I really find it hard o except. Thank you for reply.

My wife died last year, I loved her dearly but I came to hate Facebook. It was like a constant intruder in the house, the car, the bedroom, everywhere. The phone was always at her side as if it were surgically attached - I wanted it amputated. I couldn’t understand why people wanted to share holiday snaps, sayings, anecdotes and cute pictures of kittys. I used to tell her “you seem addicted to communication, do you think you might try communicating with me some time?”. Apparently Twitter is dying and even Facebook is now in trouble. Hopefully they will all go the same way as Friends Reunited.

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