Bad Day

Not having a good day to day
Very weepy and so tired
Does it get any easier I know it’s only five weeks for me
I just keep thinking I could have another twenty years sat here on my own
What a dreadful thought
Would be lovely to think that when I do go he will be waiting for me
And that he is watching over me now

Son just phoned to check I have eaten
Yes I have but not cooked since before he died As he di not eat for several weeks before

Love to you All

Hi J,

I’m so sorry you’re having a bad day and feeling very weepy and tired. Losing a loved one it so unfair and painful. I do understand as my Dad went through the same thing when my Mum died. He would frequently ring me in tears and he definitely had no energy. He also liked to think my Mum would be waiting for him when he died. It did get better for him but it did take time.

Does your son live far away from you? Do you have anyone close that you can talk to, it’s so important to be able to talk about our thoughts and feelings.

There are lots of wonderful supportive people on the forum who will understand what you’re going through. You are not alone, there will always be someone on here to read your posts and reply to you when you need to talk about things.

Sending you warm wishes & a hug. Trudy x

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Hello Briju,

I’m sorry you’re having such a bad day. I feel much the same after 13 weeks .
Like you the thought of the next 10/15/20 years is unbearable. Try to think only of today
( easy to say hard to do ! )
My lovely partner died so suddenly and life without him is a daily nightmare.
Cry when you want to, if you loved him , as you must have done, you will cry and be upset.
Your son is lovely and you are lucky to have his support, cherish it. Like you I haven’t cooked a proper meal since my partner died.

Take care of yourself, J x

So sorry to be reading this. Such a sad and desperate time.
Although I recently lost my Mum so a different loss to yours, I’m seeing my Dad struggle and get through day to day without her… missing her terribly in so many ways.

We’re only 12 weeks since Mum passed but altho it’s very small steps my Dad is in a ‘different’ place to where he was at 5 weeks after. Just small things you usually take for granted like he’s eating better now again, he’s doing his gardening, he’s going work. (Altho he says he spends the whole day crying there! But he’s still going)

Take it hour by hour. Day by day…