Bad day

Morning having a bad morning went out to the shops feeling really down sometimes it’s like having a black cloud over you that you can’t cry if that makes sense. Now I’m crying writing this but it is helping me just explain how I am feeling.
Christine x

Hi Christine, sorry you are having a bad day .It happens to all of us in this position. I set off to drive to town this morning and suddenly found myself in tears. It is just the realisation that we are alone now. I’m certainly going through a rough period 13weeks after Peter’s death .Life seems totally without joy and the future is pointless. Chin up we have no choice but to go on . Luv Toria x

Hi Aries

So sorry you have had a bad day. Your grief is still so raw so unfortunately you will get days like this. Don’t be too hard on yourself - these waves of grief hit without warning just when you think you are coping. It really is a case of crying when you want to, letting the emotion out. It will get better as time goes on but th grief never goes away it’s just a case of trying to manage it. It’s been a year for me and to be honest that year went by in a fog. Now I have started on the second year I am finding I can look at photos, dvd’s and listen to music and smile at lovely happy memories.

I don’t kid myself that I am through it - I know this journey we are all on will last a lifetime but now I am beginning to notice little things that make me smile.I guess it’s just another stage - part of the process.

Take care of yourself. Sending you a hug. We all understand.


Thanks toria x

Thanks Yvonne x

Everyday is a bad day for me. I’m only at three weeks and my loss is overwhelming me. I break down a lot I drive a cab and trying to be upbeat for customers is really trying. I sit between jobs thinking about her. At 7am I used to call her. I’m lost! I’m waiting for a sign that she’s still with me but nothing. Will I ever get over this I don’t know. I realise now though that the lady walking down the street might be in my position or the chap in the van. I thought I was alone in this grief but I’m not. Posting on here helps share the grief with people who are suffering as I am so we can be sure we are not alone x

Keep posting mate we are all here for you.
As for signs that they are still with us I’m like you haven’t seen or felt anything or maybe I’m not looking right.
Take care

Hello Stevie
So so sorry that you have lost your wife…and so recently. No wonder you are feeling alone and I guess having to work and put on a cheerful face to your passengers only exacerbates things…do try to give yourself a little space if you can because we each need it. It’s very early days for you but already you know that so many people are carrying a similar load…we never think about it when we are happy and life is sweet but it hits you hard when your loved one is no longer alive. Do take care and keep posting on herex

Hello William
Sometimes signs are very subtle. Sometimes the harder we search for them the more elusive they become.
Look into your heart…is your love for your wife still there? Of course it is…and that is the only sign you really need. Love never dies…love never fails. X