Bad Day

Some days it just comes along and punches you in the guts. Feels like I’m going backwards and its actually getting worse each day not easier. How do we get through this?

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Oh @Cab
I know how you feel.
I’m not going to be much help because I don’t know the answer.
I wish I did.
All I know is that we’ve got a long hard journey ahead of us, but with time and support hopefully one day we’ll be some kind of ok.
On this forum we do get support from people who really understand, because we’re all going through this horrendous grief journey together

Big hugs to you

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Thank you, knowing there are other people out there who understand helps. I’m the first of my family and friends to be widowed so whilst they have good intentions they can’t possibly understand. I have no words to describe how horrendous life is since my husband died.


Can I ask how long you were together and how long since he died.
Not that makes any difference at all. I think I’m just nosey :person_shrugging:
We were together for 42 years, married for 12. He died 3 months ago.
I still have trouble believing he’s gone and is never coming back
Family and friends mean well, but as you say they really don’t understand our pain, but please take any support they offer

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We were married for 25 years and its 3 months since he died for me too, although it feels much much longer!

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Its such a long time to be together and then, nothing. Its so hard

Yes I know what you mean about it feeling longer. Its so long since he held me, or told me he loved me. I’ll never stop missing him.
I just can’t believe he won’t ever be coming home.

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My husband also died suddenly and unexpectedly. No signs or symptoms.
It is now 12 weeks.

Over the past couple of days I have realised that I think of him ‘being absent’.
That is as much as I can acknowledge.

Anything else is too much.

So I think for me, it will probably be very small steps in many ways.

I think that may well be the way for many of us.

Trying to cope but by bit.

Sending you big hugs,
Rose x

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My wife died 11 weeks ago also unexpectedly, I’m the same , have got used to her not being in the house with us but also view her as absent , not here now , but haven’t ( and not sure if I ever will ) got my head around the fact she will never be coming back .


Exactly that @Dino13
I too am getting used to the empty house, I don’t like it but that’s the way it is.
Like you I can’t get my head around him not coming back.
Maybe one day I’ll accept it

Sending big hugs


I think we are all probably the same about the thought of them never coming back. Don’t think I will ever stop missing him. I hate the empty house.x

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