Bad day

Marian Victoria

I am very new here but already I have had some lovely support. To day is hard I hate weekends my darling husband of 53years died on Sunday 14th April 2019, My family are always very busy and I don’t get to see them. I had a bad night lots of storms no sleep didn’t want to face today but have got myself out into my husbands lovely garden and with tears running down my face have forced myself to do weeding. Couple in house opposite died together last year I thought it very sad at the time but every time to look at the house now l feel envious that they had the courage to go together and wish l could have gone with my husband so tears still streaming down my face. Dose this ever get any easier. My husband was my soul mate a wonderful man so full of life. I push myself to get up every morning but all l want is to close my eyes and join him. not a good day. I know I’m not on my own as this site has shown me. sorry its such a ramble but it just seems to flood out.

I am so sorry. Bad days do come and every day can seem like a bad day, but it does level out, well in my experience it does. But grief is very individual and everyone does it their own way.
I lost my wife in November last and I’m still in a state of grief. But I have found the bad days get shorter and the good days longer. Only a bit, but a bit can be a lot in grief.
Does it get easier? For many it does. For a few maybe not. Grief is not something you can evaluate. There is no way to measure it. But pain is pain and that’s a common denominator here. We can share that pain and help each other through difficult times, like now for you.
I’m sad to hear about your family. You need all the support you can get.
And you don’t ramble. No one does here. Unload as much as you feel able. A listener who knows what you are going through can often offer a few words of help.
Take care, and bless you.