Bad Days

Today is one of those really bad days, anything anyone does gets me frustrated and emotional. It’s my Mums birthday on Friday, the first without her and with lockdown I can’t even see my Dad or sister toy share the day with them. My husband is very supportive but its not the same as he doesn’t fully understand how I feel. Don’t get me wrong I am extremely grateful for everything that he does, but it still isn’t the same. My mum only past in January very suddenly and unexpectedly so we were still grieving before this lockdown began. My Dad and sister live together, and in a way I am jealous at the fact they have each other who know how each other feels. I have spoke to my husband but I know deep down that he doesn’t fully understand how I am feeling

Hello Tigger, I know just how difficult it is when we have anniversaries and no one to share it with. I too had one this last week and couldn’t do anything special. It wasn’t for the lack of trying to come up with something special to do but with the lockdown I just couldn’t do anything and the day seemed to go forever. Those feelings inside are very personal and others don’t get it because it is so personal, this week to me seems never ending but I know as soon as I can I will do the one thing that I really wanted to and that thought keeps me going. The loss, the pain and heartache all comes back on anniversaries, we feel it more because of lockdown, so the next time hopefully I will have come up with a strategy and I hope you can to. Your husband is there for you and he sounds as if he try’s and listens to you, perhaps next time all four of you can enjoy time together remembering the good things and happy memories. Take care and blessings. S

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Hello, Tigger,
Welcome to this forum where no-one wants to be, we are all suffering the loss of a loved one and my heart goes out to you. It is understandable that you resent your sister and your dad living together, it is only natural. The lockdown doesn’t help our situation, either. I do understand, my husband died in August 2019 we had been married for 59 years, our 2 children, grandson and great grandson live 80 miles away in different directions. Both of our children are in their 50’s, they are very good to me, but I do miss their dad who I found dead on our bedroom floor.
Please post as much as you can , this group of people are kind and compassionate, we are all in the same situation, grieving for a loved one.