Bad days

Hi all
Anyone having really bad days I am worst than every after 2 months of losing my husband I know it’s early days still need the pain to go away

Hi Kim…I can relate totally to what you are saying…I had a total meltdown a few days ago …worst day ever …I lost my husband 14 weeks ago …like you say its early days …but it can be scary when you have such an outpouring g of grief …my thought is that as times goes on the reality of our loss kicks in …that this is the way it is …that we wont see our loved ones again …at least not in this life …people say the pain goes away …again I see it as life eventually grows around the pain and around the emptiness so the emotion while there becomes less intense …sending you a hug …you can do this x

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Thank you hard very hard xx Sorry for your loss xx

After nearly 10 months I have terrible days, after 59 years marriage it is hardly surprising.


Aww Mary I was with Mick for 36 years 59 years for you how do you cope xx

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With difficulty at times, Kim, thank you for asking. In many respects we were very lucky to have so many years together, yet losing Stan has left such a big gap in my life. Not to be able to see our family is a trial, but I am not the only one. Our children each live 80 miles away in opposite directions, they ring me often and help out with bills etc., I pay them but both/either of them make sure that they are sorted. There is so much to sort isn’t there? Onwards and upwards is the only way.
I am sorry that you are suffering too, Kim, grief is the most horrible emotion of all. x x

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Mick had shares I did not realise I had to take it to probate before they even look at this I am having to go through inheritance tax even though the house is in joint names etc and I’m staying in the house so many forms it’s a nightmare so many silly questions I think I’m trying to do to much at once. Like you say in lockdown it’s been terrible I am lucky my son still lives at home my family live in Birmingham so have not seen them since Micks passing my mom is 79 and had to self isolate I just want to hug her but can’t risk it yet xx