Bad days

Just feel really lonely and sad today more than ever but I don’t want to go out but I hate being on my own in house , I don’t want to go out because I find it painful to see other people with the partners and happy when I just want that it’s just to painful anyone else feel like this ?


Dear Stacey, I can totally understand how you are feeling. I hate coming home , the emptiness is all so consuming. I also find it difficult while I am out seeing others people with their partners/ husbands it takes me all my effort to keep my emotions in check. I then get into the car and the tears role! I’m crying typing this :pleading_face:. The world just feels empty now xx I sit here in the kitchen looking it of the window telling my husband how much I love him , what I have been doing , who’s annoyed me, who I am truly thankful to xx Then I restock and try to get another task ticked of my never ending list , and so the days role on xx Being Lonely is awful but please don’t hesitate if you need a chat to message , take care x

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Hi Stacey, I know exactly how you feel, it’s so hard seeing other people out and about with their partners and enjoying themselves, when you are feeling so alone with no hope of it ever changing, the trouble is the less you go out, the less you want to go out, it seems where ever you look there are happy couples out, you feel like saying to them, you have no idea how lucky you are to have each other ! Don’t think there is an easy answer to this, but I would try and go out for a walk at least once a day, I am lucky I have a dog and I have to go out with him and I usually feel better when I get back, sending love, Jude x

That is what grief does to us Stacey. We are bored at home but we don’t want to go out either. We do feel sad and the approaching winter doesn’t help. If you have family to look after it will help you through until better days come. I am told that they will come eventually. We can only take one day at a time.

I’ve come to the cemetery for a bit just felt I needed too I come every other day to see him, I don’t want to live my life without him I still don’t understand why this has happened To us I miss the love I miss having someone to love I know I have my children but it’s different there’s something missing :disappointed:

I get that I have our children too, but it is not the same xxx