Bad Dreams

So it has been 8 months since my partner died and with good weeks ans bad weeks I have been having alot of bad dreams about him where he is dead in the coffin and 1 was particularly disturbing
My daughter hears me crying out, although this isnt unusual for me

Anyone else experiencing anything similar?

I have had a few nightmares. Last dream was husband in the pub and when I started calling him he did not respond and then walked away from me. When I followed he disappeared. Was heartbroken when I woke. I never got to say goodbye to my husband.

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Sorry for your loss
Dont know why i keep having bad dreams about him sometimes i wonder of its because i am angry at him the way he left (alcohol liver disease) he should still be here he may be at peace now but im left suffering so hard x

I understand. I feel the same way some days. My husband died while out on his motorbike - a pass time that I hated and now I have lost him forever and me and the kids are left devastated. Then suffer guilt because I know that he would want to be here to see our little grandson grow up. A cruel circle of utter despair.

Take care. I just wish there was something I could do for all of us suffering loss.


Oh, crikey no.

But all sorts of other things have happened, very strange things indeed. I haven’t dreamt about Jim at all, but at times I can feel his presence, almost as if he is watching over me.

How old is your daughter? Is this upsetting her? I remember my mother was endlessly restless after my dad died, but she didn’t cry until her mother died. I couldn’t understand why, because before that she’d always said she didn’t like her mother at all. I was about 8 at the time.

The death of a soulmate is a life shattering experience, at least it has been for me. Things that wouldn’t have happened if Jim was around keep on happening, to me, the house that we lived in, to my car, etc… Like for some reason I was bullied by a car relay insurance that we have had for all of our married life. I’m lucky, because I have an income and a small pension, so I have enough money to get by. However, one of our dreams was to buy an electrical car, so I did that - my licence had been cancelled by the DVLA, and after a 9 month struggle I managed to get it back. That would not have happened if Jim had been with me, he would have sorted the rude bloke out without any problems at all.

In the house, a tap needs to be replaced, he would have done that in a jiffy. But it keeps on dripping and driving my nuts, somehow it set off the extractor fans in the bedroom up stairs and down stairs, which created a roar like a whirlwind throughout the house. That drove me nuts until a neighbour and I - both females - managed to turn off the fans by disconnecting them. The plumber is bring a new tap, and then he or the electrician can connect the fans. Meanwhile, thankfully, because there is only me here, and usually 3 dogs, the house doesn’t stink.

It’s as if my whole life had been unbalanced, unhinged, unhooked.

It’s settling down now, I hope. I just want to sell this house with it’s memories and echoes everywhere, and move to a new one we bought last year, before the COVID lockdowns started…

None of us knew what a pandemic would mean, and how it has cost millions of lives all over the world. I wish I could roll back time, but I can’t…

Christie xxx

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The day after Stephen died our garden tap exploded and flooded the garden. I sat on the step and just watched the garden fill with water.

I dread to imagine what my next water bill will be!

I have had some horrible dreams - Stephen leaving me for another woman, standing there watching him pack a bag.

I was convinced for days that it was his way of telling me that I wasn’t good enough for him

Dear Lost82

My husband was killed in a road traffic accident. My last dream was of him standing in a bar and ignoring me when I called his name and then walking away and disappearing round the corner. I have recurring thoughts which sometimes consume me for hours that he loved his motorbike more than me and that I was just not enough.

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Sheila 26. I just wish I could dream once of my Ron but nothing. I didn’t dream at all for a year after he died and then I started having the most complicated dreams you can imagine and when I woke up I remembered nothing except that I had experienced a whole lifetime in the period of a few hours. I have never slept as much as I have since Ron died. I could sleep anytime for hours if I allowed myself. Just a way of escape from this living hell.

Dear Angiejo1

I understand and life is now so difficult. Met for a social distance walk with someone today, it was a nice distraction but then you have to return back home. No one waiting to tell them what you had seen, heard etc. Just silence. Had total meltdown just screaming for my husband.

I used to dream about my dad after he died. Always the same dream of speaking to him as he read the newspaper and just as he was about to speak to me I would wake up. If life was not already playing with our heads, the night-time gives us no respite. Not sure what the answer is except just keep plodding on.

Take care.

Hi Sheila. I hear of so many people who have dreamt of passed loved ones but can never actually speak to them before waking up. It can go on for years apparently. Even dreams torment us as though we do not have enough to cope with. Xx

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Just catching up with all these sorry to those of you that re experiencing similar so strange isnt it but we cannot help what we dream I only wish i woulf have a nice one again but they are all bad at the moment even my dad has started appearing in my dreams (he passsed nearly 5 yrs ago)


Just catching up with all these sorry to those of you that are experiencing similar so strange isnt it but we cannot help what we dream I only wish i would have a nice one again but they are all bad at the moment even my dad has started appearing in my dreams (he passsed nearly 5 yrs ago)