Bad dreams

Do any of you have really bad dŕeams about your loved ones. Or is it just me ?

Dreams where they ask you why you let them go, or why you gave up on them after you promised you would not or just dreams were you see them just crying alone in a dark place and they can’t hear me speaking to her. They are the worse ones.

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No one out there I suppose, everyone asleep. Well thats just answered my question …

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I’m sorry you’re struggling to sleep, it really is crap when you get them kind of dreams, I had a few nasty ones when I first lost my wife 2yrs ago but I can’t say I get any anymore.
Have you only just recently lost your wife?

@Lostinlimbo yes Jan 15 2023

I’m sorry for your loss and the fact you’ve found yourself in the only community noone really wants to be apart of, but definitely appreciates it being here. Think the first 6 months there are so many emotions running riot, most of the time you’re just numb. Hard to eat sleep or do any of the normal functions of life you once found easy. The only thing that seems easy to do is cry.
Sleep does eventually get better in time like everything else, but I’m sure for you right now that seems like a lifetime away it certainly did for me after 2 months.
All you can do is take a day at a time and open up and chat to people on here as it really does help.

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Morning Dave,
Yes, I to have bad dreams and I’m asking Pete when is he coming home but I can only see his back and not his face then he vanishes and I’m frantically looking for him and then I wake up and feel bereft. I have started with migraine headaches again and they’re horrible. I wonder if anyone else has them and how they treat them? I suppose dreams keep us in touch with our loved ones.
Love Jenny

Kingfisher and Dave
Oh how I wish I could dream of my husband, just once but it’s not happened in over two years. I tell him every night that I will dream of him but I don’t. Love to all.

Hi Carol;
I wish you could dream of your husband but only if it’s a happy dream and you wake up feeling good about it. Sadly Dave and I seem to have bad ones.
Wish we could all wave a magic wand and have them back again where they belong.
Thinking of all of us on this tedious journey that no one wanted.
Love Jenny x


I can’t or don’t seem to dream about my mum much even though she is my first and last thought of the day. Not sure what ro think to that.
I did have 2 really short dreams about her though, one near the time she passed and one the other day but like I say they were short lived.

this reminded me I dreamed of my dad last night …
while dreaming, I was greatly comforted that he was there … ten years later and I still miss my dad so much. it just flies by, this life.

My nan died last year & I’ve been dreaming about her a lot sometimes in my dreams she’s just like she normally is back in the past like nothing has happened & some dreams she’s laying in her care home bed but in the dream she’s talking normal & I’m telling her I love her & realise it’s a dream & telling her I’m sorry but I’m also glad she’s there as I can see her face & hear her voice again but I did have a dream of her & I was crying telling her why did she have to go & to come back & the building started collapsing & I try get her to come to me but she just looks at me & without speaking I can tell she’s saying sorry as she backs away & I wake up :disappointed: , I take & cherish any dream she’s in as it means I get to see her face & hear her voice & for that brief moment it feels like she’s still there before it all sinks in again,

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my spiritual friend tries to convince me it is a visit from them.

sorry that these dreams are troubling. I just dreamed about my dad and it felt good he was close to me but then one wakes up back to the nightmare of their loss.

grief is troubling in so many ways, least among these dreams. it is a deep deep yearning in disguise? your dream sounds reflective of your loss. sad to say, but we can only endure.

Yes they say in dreams spirit can connect to their loved ones who are still living , one way it’s nice when you know your dreaming as you can hug them & say what you’ve been wanting to tell them even if it’s only in a dream ,I still have dreams of my uncles dog who died in 1995 & my cat in 2017 they make me smile in my dream & make me realise it’s a dream & stand by me protecting me from a bad dream,

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