Bad night

I really dont know how to cope with this pain. I stayed at mums last night, she is going through the same. Dad died 2015. She says she still has her days of crying, being angry and lonely but she had assured me that this will pass. She says it will get easier, she says good days will out weigh the bad and that I will focus on the memories we made and smile again. It will take time but time is a god send she says.
I read some of the comments on this site and you are all so brave, such lovely people and i send love to each and everyone of you.


@nicky1961 Thank you for your kind words . It is a very difficult thing to lose your partner . I am at nearly 5 months and I understand how your mum is feeling . Many still grieve many years . It’s also 36 years since I lost my mum and I am still sad at times about her too


It’s nice that you have your mum who has gone through a similar experience. You can be there for each other. Hugs. xxx


I dont know what i would do if mum wasn’t here to voluntarily help, she has been my mental punching bag. She lets me scream and shout but i have promised not to break things, they are too precious to her she says:) i come every weekend. My son is staying with me at the moment and i am trying to shield him from my grief so at mums, i can let go.

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Morning everyone,
Well stayed again at mums last night…my security blanket mums and i did not cry,rant,rave,swear or have the usual uncontrollable urge to smash things. We talked about our loses, mum with dad and me with Colin. My brain and heart allowed me just for last night to reflect on all the positives and we even sat and listened to Colin rambling on to his friend whilst out on his motobike and it was so comforting. His voice soothed my brain and hugged my heart. I know this is going to be short lived, but oh God, it was lovely. The ache in my heart was still there but it felt he had his hand on my heart and was soothing it.
I send this feeling out to all, grab it when you can and hold on tight.