Bad time.

Having a very bad time at this very moment. The hopelessness of it all. I can’t bear it.


It’s so difficult to know what to do when the waves of pure grief catch us, the pain and feeling of not wanting to go on is over whelming . I cry everyday but on Wednesday it was like my husband had died all over again, I was in consolable.
None of us know where this horrible roller coaster of a journey we are on will lead us to next. I wish I could take the pain go away but unfortunately we all just have to ride the roller coaster.

Diane xx


Struggling very much also of late I was ok first few months and now I feel like I’m sinking little by little finding it hard to put that brave face on now especially Christmas closing in I’m not looking forward to it at all


U feel I was better the first month and now I can’t hold it together the anxiety is killing me . I can’t eat or concentrate on anything, all I want to do is lie in my bed. I have a 13 week old pup which I can’t cope with so. Have decided to give her back to the breeder, it’s :broken_heart:

Yeah I wish I could stay in bed all day long !!! It’s hard as have a 3 year old boy and 5 year old daughter also feel so sorry for my partner as she only had little amount of time with them and it angers me very much I just think why her ?? Why not me as she was a better person / parent than me I just hope I get to see her again when life is over I’m certainly not scared about death anymore I was before she passed but not now,

Sorry to hear about you having to give pup up but you have done the right thing , maybe when ur in a better place you can get another