Bad to worse

Today has been even more difficult than previous. Time heals so they say, but it’s not happening yet. Physically and mentally exhausted in trying all the distraction techniques, keeping busy etc, nothing is working.

Hello lyndal. We have all tried the distraction and keeping busy stuff and it just tires us out. The lockdown is getting to us all too as we can’t get support from friends and family. Try to take time for yourself (easier said than done I know) Make sure you eat properly and get any amount of sleep you are able to.
Keep talking on here. We are all in the same situation and can help each other along the way just day at a time. Sending love, xx

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Hi lyndal

For some reason they are day worst than other days. I dont know why the sadness embrace our heart and pain feels physically and emotionally.

Try to get distracted like tv, radio, youtube, painting, knitting, it help to talk what about counselling?
Take care xx

Hi Jean. Thanks for your kind words and support. X

Exactly the same… I had high hopes that all would get gradually better but it isn’t happening… the mad world we live in doesn’t help one little bit :pensive: