Bad week

Any one else having a really bad week probably a silly question nearly 2 months I finding it harder each day x

Hi Kim, I think a lot of people are having bad weeks, you certainly are not on your own, it’s especially bad if you have been recently bereaved like you have been, I think you have to it a day at a time, some days will be better than others, I live on my own and I know exactly how you feel, are you on your own, or do you have any family with you ?

My son lives at home but at work, my daughter and grandchild stayed with me for 5 weeks then went home i think my daughter needed her space to grieve. I think its worst been on your own especially with lock down . Sometimes i think i should go back to work but then cant face it, i am a nurse then feel bad because i know were needed. Like you say some days are really bad x

Oh I know exactly how you feel, I was also a nurse, when my husband died, I thought the best thing to do would be to go back to work, I found I just couldn’t cope anymore, I’ve no idea why, maybe I’d always had someone at home I could unload to, anyway I stopped and haven’t gone back since, I have had moments during this lockdown, thinking that I should have tried to go back, but I know mentally I’m not strong enough, I’m pleased that you are not totally on your own, take one day at a time and hopefully we will be out of this lockdown soon xx

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