Battered by life after loss

Lost my soul mate 6 weeks ago from pancreatic cancer. I have been numb for a few weeks, now it’s actually physically hurting. Just watched every episode of Life After Tom on ITVx and it’s really helped to know all my feelings of guilt, panic, rage, sadness and fear are normal. It doesn’t help that it’s such a battle changing names and account details on the bills.


Sorry for your loss ,i lost my husband January this year to pancreatic cancer so i know how you feel at this sad time. Grief takes a long while .In the meantime take care of you

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I lost my wife 9 months ago to Pancreatic cancer also. Take care look after yourself, I know it’s difficult.

I’m another one who lost their soulmate to pancreatic cancer

I wish I could say it gets easier but 6 months in and it hasn’t yet. It would have been his 64th birthday today. I’m lucky to have had family support today, but boy it’s tough.

I also lost my soul mate to pancreatic cancer, in January of this year. Its tough. Just take the time you need to grieve your way.