What is the point

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Sorry you are having to ask this question…would you like to tell us here some more of what is making you feel like this?

Suzanne x

Hi PeteE59,

I have seen other posts from you, but they are usually in a different category where you write about the loss of your partner. This post is in the category ‘losing a parent’. You probably did this by mistake, so you may want to do another post in the category you meant to post it in.
The question you ask is probably one that a lot of others will share, but not one that is easy to answer. Some would say they keep going because that is what their partner would have wanted. I hope that some of the replies you have had to your previous posts have been of some help to you. Kind regards, Jo

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Hi, like all of us , I imagine, some days aren’t too bad, Granddaughter stayed Saturday night(( she is 4) . Went for a beer with my son, ( from a previous relationship). Both events were good, but it’s still back to an empty life afterwards, and always will be, so you think, is there a point to this,

Sorry, bean absent for a while, I had to have phone repaired. It will be 2 years next month, since fate left me alone, I get by, pretend, but, at heart, I am alone, missing my soul mate. Going through a kind of could not be bothered phase, I try to get out, but why, feel more alone in company. I am happy Shell isn’t living through this hell on earth period in our history. All I can say is people stay strong, love to all