Been 52 years since my son passed

Another year gone Christmas comes and goes with me it is 52 years since my little boy died on the stroke of Christmas day he was 3 and half months old and every year is just the same until just after new year it felt like something snapped in side on me my depression as just taken a nose dive I just feel so angry . On the 4th of march 2022 my sister passed away so I don’t know how to take all this . I don’t know if the anger is because of every thing

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I’m so sorry for the loss of your little boy and your sister, @Sue51. You might want to connect with @Solva, who sadly lost her eldest son. Here is her thread:

Please keep reaching out - you are not alone.


Dear Solva . Sorry for your loss i get what your saying your child should not had died . My boy died 25/12/1971 so long ago and i still get angry and depressed and cry . I was with my son when he died he died in my arms i can still feel him i could not let him go when the doctors wanted to take him away :broken_heart: i have never felt so down i wanted to be with him no one knows what it is like to lose a child it is like half your heart is missing . He would have been 53 this year and i miss him so much .