Been a tough year.

After losing my mother in February 2021.I felt like my world had ended.I was 33 years old and she was 52.I still don’t understand why then when I needed her the most but life is unfair.The pain never goes away but for me I am just use to feeling physically in pain everyday.My heart hurts.There are some good days but I feel like I’m living someone else’s life.I find it hard to even think that I no longer have a mother.It still doesn’t feel real.The last two Christmases I have fallen apart but I feel that I will get through it this year.I know my mother would want me to be happy and maybe one day I will.One thing losing my mother has given me is resilience.

I would do anything to make things be like they use to be but as I have to tell myself its not possible.My mother is gone.My memories are fading.Seeing pictures and videos doesn’t really help because it isn’t enough.Everyday is a battle.


hopefully it is the worst battle you will ever face.

I worried my parents would fade … but they do not. do not worry about that.
if anything, it can intensify.

but the pain eases with time. I am really sorry. she died much too young. I agree with resilience … I have a hard line drawn when it comes to others and their behavior.

I wish you the best. :gift_heart:

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