Been losing weight since losing my husband

My drsxordered me to have a full blood test last week as losing weight. Everything come back OK…
Dr has said this is because I’m grieving for my husband . But finding it’s so hard to eat

I’ve been losing weight too, food tastes like cardboard. I’ve been making smoothies which are healthy and build you up when you can’t face food. I use a banana, grapes, yogurt and milk or water. I add a heaped tablespoon of complan or any nutrition drink too plus a tablespoon of bran. Whizz it in a blender. Quick and nutritious. Xxxxx

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I lost half a stone in four weeks when I found out my Mum was terminally ill. As Nell2 says food had no appeal, I remember trying to force my dinner into me.

Definitely recommend the smoothies with yougurt/banana/strawberries etc. I quite like the plain Complan, I make it with whole milk and add drinking chocolate for extra calories.

Also snacks like wholemeal toast with peanut butter are easy to make and eat. Look after yourself, being very underweight has its own health risks.

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