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4 weeks ago i published a book called ‘Before I Go’ and last week i was invited by Michelle Aitcheson ,(the fundraising team at St.Johns Hospice,Moggerhanger) to have a stall at the St Johns Country Fayre after she saw the book.
I met and spoke to so many lovely people and had fantastic feedback on the book, especially from a lot of HealthCare professionals that were there,including Pauline Carter,Practice Educator.
I really want to be able to share it with as many people as possible, as it may help lots of people. Having lost my father to Cancer and mother in law to Alzheimers this book is a real work of love and if it helps people put pen to paper - it’ll have done it’s job.
I’ve included the info on the book that explains everything and hopefully some images
Verna x

Book Info and Story behind
So if you knew you were leaving loved ones behind (for any reason) what would you want to tell them? What would you want to pass on, to share? What would you want them to know about you that maybe you never said?
If we all had the chance wouldn’t we all choose to leave this world and our loved ones with some of our invaluable advice and musings?
BEFORE I GO is a personal journal allowing you to pass on the little pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that make up the IRREPLACEABLE you!
Fill it with all the things that matter to you.
Fill it in privately or with everyone’s knowledge. Record your thoughts and wishes for your family and friends, creating a personal memory book as you go.
Write, Stick, Staple – make it your own – messy or pristine.
With pages to fill in, ranging from ‘Wise Words’ to ‘Favourite Songs, Poems’ and ‘Films’ and ‘Wishes For Your Family’ to ‘Milestones to Celebrate when i’ve gone’, there’s even a space for a sealed ‘My Send Off’ envelope.
So whether you have a lifetime or a short time, you could fill in this Personal journal and pass it on when the time comes, so when you leave this world, your loved ones hearts are a little less heavy and the chair ‘round the table a little less empty.
Having lost my Father to Cancer and Mother-in-law to Alzheimer’s, we now have two very empty chairs around the dinner table at our lovely and regular family get togethers.
Around the same time one of my closest friends was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
She was a busy mum of two young kids, working, running the house and I wondered what would happen if she wasn’t there anymore?
Yes life would go on, her husband would cope, people would help, the kids would grow up but what if there was a guide to ‘her’ that she could leave behind (she was a lucky one and she made a full recovery, but many don’t).
So, me and my husband talked about a book that could be filled with love, advice, wishes and even recipes – something my dad may have filled in privately and my mother in law could have filled in on her ‘good’ days and my friend, just to fill in and take control of something when her world felt it was collapsing around her.
We couldn’t find another book like it, a book that the reader fills in to then pass on when the time came, SO we created one – somehow I’m now a swimming teacher, publisher and author!
So many people, when they leave this world, take all their thoughts, hopes, sayings and wishes with them – maybe we should all have ‘THAT’ conversation and start putting pen to paper.
I totally believe that this book is quite unique and could make difficult moments more bearable. And it will give those left behind, a love filled, useful, thought provoking, funny and unique memento of their treasured someone. Truly made with love.
The secret of my Chewy Chocolate Fudge Brownies and recipe are going in my book, for future generations to enjoy x
About Us
I’m Verna, I’m 47, married to Giles. Two kids, Tabby 18 and Murphy 15 & two rescue dogs. We live in Cambridgeshire and have a wonderful family and fantastic friends.
I’m a Swimming Teacher and now, quite bizarrely, a Publisher and Author


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