Beginning of The End

Hi, my family bought me a locket that could hold a photo of Brian and some ash’s in a tiny container which the funeral director kindly did for me. I’m frightened to wear it in case I lose it but will put it on when there is a special occasion like last week it was Brian’s birthday and I went for a meal with a friend at a local pub by the river near where he used to keep his boat. I took a photo of him and put it on the table. I have a lock of Brian’s hair which I took just after he died. I can’t imagine what made me think to do that just minutes after he passed away. I have it in a container with a lizard on it as Brian loved to watch the lizards when we was abroad and out walking, they fascinated him, the speed they moved and their colours. It’s on a coffee table in the loving room with a photo of him and a small urn with some of his ashes which I am meant to take to the sea front but can’t face letting him go just yet.

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