Being Alone

I have only recently joined the group after losing my partner Jane in Valentines day morning this year . We had been together for 17 years and we recently gave up the pub we were running to actually enjoy the rest of our lives together. Unfortunately the next chapter was dramatically short as she died only 4 months after leaving the pub.

I have to say the topics covered and the contribution of all the fellow people that are on the same path as myself has been very inspirational, uplifting and has given me the strength to carry on.
Each and every topic has covered all my feelings from the pain, despair loneliness and I really doubted whether I had the strength to carry on with Jane in my life. Losing your partner is losing everything your plans, dreams , your future and the day I lost Jane everything vanished.

There’s not a minute of anyone day I do not think of her and with out Jane in my life I cannot see the point in my life. But I have to say part of the process is the feeling alone or feeling like I am the only one suffering and it is so comforting to know that all of my feelings of despair knowing I am not the only one. Unless you have experienced this journey then you really understand the meaning of Love .

Thanks to everybody who contributes it really has helped me on a personal level.
John K


@JohnP1961 I’m sorry for your loss. My partner died the 14 weeks ago and I have also found this forum to be helpful and supportive.
It is a very lonely path we are all on, and no one truly understands how it feels unless they are on it too.
We are all on here for the same reason and hopefully one day we will know where the new path leads.
Sending hugs and support


Horrible path for us all , I’m in pieces lost my soul mate 6/2/2023 . Just back in work as a nurse ( not the best occupation in my circumstances) today I’ve tidied up the garden and his favourite place to sit in his legacy !! I breakdown all the time , git a family occasion tomorrow without him , trying to keep thinking do it for him !!! Very hard to put a smile on your face when you need to scream and cry and want to be on your own !! One hour at a time that’s all I do ( occasionally I get a nice hour ) that’s healing and then back to hell xxx love to all going through this it’s an unbelievable pain x


Back again in work today like a headless chicken , lovely colleagues but who am I ? I’m not a partner or fiancé anymore ? I’m not a qualified nurse good at her job , I’m not a mother who checks on her children constantly . I’m am a good Nannie and a good dog carer but I’m nothing anymore I need mart , terrible thing to say when others ate fighting to stay alive ( I do know this ) but I pray I don’t wake up every night !!! But I bloody do and begin this nightmare again x bless all of you in this terrible terrible pain xx