being shut out

Never really accepted by family of previously widowed partner who has just died. We had ups and downs over more than 2 decades but were very close. brother of deceased overtly hostile and I’m not welcome at funeral.

im very sorry for your loss and wow your not welcome at the funeral .To me its all about what your dearly departed loved 1 would want (i did what my Denise would have wanted )Me if i was wanted by the deceased person to go id definitely go Thats my opinion i dont wish to upset or insult you in any way Colin

Sorry for your loss. My mum died suddenly 4 days ago and I am so devastated. Things have been strained with the rest of the family for a long time. I have been told funeral day and times which are being arranged by other family members. I didnt live near Mum but she stayed with me for weeks at a time and we loved our time together, without the stress of them. Its so difficult and I can understand your feelings completely. I will be at the funeral, and then will drive home, I need to do it, I did think about going to somewhere Mum loved near me and just spending the actual funeral time there but have decided to go for me and mum.

There is no doubt that you should be at your mum’s funeral. She would want you there and mothers love their children equally no matter what comes or goes. I’m sorry for your loss. I think of my mum every day and know how she would advise me about difficult situations. The precious bond will always be there for you. It’s perplexing how people can react at this time. I’m still trying to process recent events and with the help of my own family I will get through it I’m sure. Best wishes to you.

Thanks Colin. I know my partner would want me there but would understand the pressure I would be under.

Best wishes to you too, Rosie, its hard enough just dealing with emotions without the rest of the difficulties.

Hi am alan my partner jayne of 12 years just passed away just over 2 weeks ago and thought i was a father too her children who i thought i got on well with but after what they said why her daughter only 5 days after funeral has really hurt me, my partner never left a will so her daughter saying house is theirs and putting it up fpr sale so i got first chance to buy which i feel insulted by and feel all alone with nobody to turn to for support now, so you welcome to chat if you want.

No one should be banned from a funeral as long as they behave in an orderly fashion. If someone wants to go to a funeral just go and ignore any one who may be a bit un friendly. Good luck.