This has to be true :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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@Sarlyn Perfectly put! Just sums up my thoughts exactly x

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Lovely poem have to believe this thank you for sharing
Take care

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Thanks for posting @Sarlyn
Having a tough few days, this is a lovely poem x


Sorry you’re struggling. Hope it gets better soon x

Yes those tough days are horrible, all we can do is ride them out and let them pass. I too have struggled the last 3 days and I am back at work next Tuesday so hoping the routine and structure will give me a purpose. I am not good sitting around doing nothing as I like to be busy

All that keeps me going is believing il meet him again xx we told each other that or I’d give up now xx

That is so lovely I was having a terrible day I wanted to give up today.I couldn’t see anything positive and couldn’t stop sobbing.But that poem lifted my heart a bit .Thank you xxhugs