Beloved mum

I lost my mum just over 7 weeks ago. Does it get any easier? I have times when I feel like I’m coping then something happens (this week was the final funeral bill) and then everything crashes down. I returned to work last week for the first time since her unexpected passing. I am not in the office at the moment as her dog Billy who we’ve inherited has serious issues with being left alone (it is me he is most attached too as I was his second live after my mum). Has anyone had to cope with a dog morning at the same time as there isn’t? I have a very supportive husband and brother & sister.

Hi Vcumner,
Sorry to hear of your loss, sort of know what your going through
I lost my husband in March, left with my 17 year old dog, he spent all summer watching and waiting for my husband, and sadly now his Condition (he has DM which slowly causes him to be paralysed), his lost the feeling and use of his back legs, and now wears dog nappies its getting to I’m having to make the horrendous decision and appointment soon for Euthanasia and trying not to delay for myself and think of him, but this is killing me, had him since he was 8 weeks
I’m hating this year,
Sending hugs to you and everyone suffering x


So sorry to hear this. Big hug

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Sorry for your recent loss. My husband Alan died very suddenly of a cardiac arrest in September last year. We have a border collie, Fletcher, who spent weeks looking for his ‘dad’. He was off his food for a while and just moped around. He has separation anxiety so I have to arrange a dog Walker/sitter when I go out - luckily the family help. We also invested in some one to one dog training as he’d also reverted to messing in the house. If II do leave him (for a short period) I’ve invested in a small camera so I can see and hear what he’s doing. We have also got a dog crate with a blanket cover to give him a safe place where he feels comfortable when stressed. He sleeps in this at night. He’s a bit better now 13 months down the line, no recent ‘accidents’ and a happier dog. Hope things improve for you soon. Sandra x

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