Can. Benefit agency reclaim back 10years of benefit?
Makes me sick & angry
My Dad passed away last year as a few of you know
Anyway my Dad worked hard put savings aside
But then became ill
Had health problems & Mental health had Socialworker
Now benefit people may reclaim past 10years pension credit can they do this???
It’s not right??🥲

Hi, I think you should probably contact the citizens advice bureau.

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Dear S47,

Dealing with the Benefits office is nothing short of a nightmare. My late husband was ill for eight years and for the last three years of his life needed 24 hours a day care. Peter only wanted me to look after him so I applied for Attendance Allowance, I filled in all the forms, explained what his illness was and was refused, I again sent in more forms and was refused. This went on for 2.1/2 years but I would not give up, my hair was falling out, I was getting chest pains which was down to stress, our energy bills were over £500 per month as Peter was always cold. I sent another set of forms in and wrote in large Red letters, I will keep applying until the day I die. I was refused again this time on the grounds that Peter was not ill enough even though they had seen his medical records. I wrote to our local MP sending copies of the forms I had filled in, within two days the Benefits office rang me and told me that I had not given them the same information I had given the MP, I told them that I had sent the MP a photocopy of the forms that the benefits office had already been sent time and time again. They then told me that we were awarded the top rate of Attendance Allowance. Peter died shortly afterwards. We were then given back dated payments from the day we first applied. Because we had savings we could not claim for anything, we bought our own stairlift, wheelchair, mobility scooter, urinals, portable nebulizer as the hospital wanted the one they lent to Peter back. We applied for a ramp so we could get the wheelchair down onto the drive we were told we would have to pay, we bought bath seats and grab handles, special pillows for the bed, backrest, we even bought a port a loo in case Peter could not make it to the bathroom, the only thing we got free was Oxygen cylinders. we got nothing at all. We had both worked from being 15, paid our dues, were never on benefits and got nothing all because we had savings. I wrote to them telling the people at the Benefits office that I hoped they would rot in hell.

If you get into a confrontation with the Benefits office, copy all forms you complete, do not give up, stand your ground and ensure you know your rights before you even start because they are run by little Hitlers who are paid to NOT help and find ways of not giving you any money.

Good luck, you will need it.



You are completely right never give up.

Thanks Oscar
Yes but very difficult frustrating upsetting feel very alone as if I’m fighting everyone🥲
Dwp made there decision I disagree told solicitor to appeal decision
At start my brother agreed now he not happy either with me said maybe should just take the settlement
But it’s not right I’m trying to clear my dads name it’s complicated
Called dads go & medical board so just need wait see what happens

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