Bereavement Firsts

So today it’s been 5 weeks since Tony died and so far have had my first….
Person saying I will find somebody else (said after 3 weeks FFS!)
Person seeing me and putting their head down (actually two people have done this)


WTF is wrong with people!? So insensitive and ignorant. Sorry about the swearing but it makes me so mad. My partners mum said to me 2 days after he died “you’re young enough to find someone else”. I’m 53….and NEVER intend to find or want someone else.

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Absolutely! I am 50 and my husband was 49.
The person who said it is the loveliest person - not a bad bone in her body and she was pulled up on it straight away by my son
We really don’t ‘do’ death ‘well’ as a society- now I can see that

@Shaz69 I know, it’s incredible how insensitive and dismissive people can be to us bereaved. They don’t, can’t get it.
The only thing us to try to ignore them - or if you can’t, as I said to the couple who were crapping all over me on the plane recently despite me saying I was recently bereaved so asked them to stop: “one day, when one of you dies and the other is left alone bereaved, remember me, and remember what total ****s you were to me today…”, with which I walked away and was seated up the front by a lovely stewardess.