Bereavement fog

You know you are not normally so unable to concentrate like when you are grieving but you just can’t do things. I just have to give up and do so thing that distracts me like watching Netflix or weeding.


@Enorac me too, since Dad died, the night it happened actually I’ve binge watched Tv programmes, especially stuff I’ve seen before because it’s safe & predictable unlike life I guess. I love weeding too lol. I call it mindful weeding as it really helps anxiety. It’s a kind of go to distraction :+1:t3:

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Yes I know what you mean. My late husband used to do it.
Weeding for hours when he needed to de stress. I have been trimming bushes to feel in control. Like I want to see why he did it so much and keep his memory. Can’t stop thinking about him anyway and it is like don’t want his work to go to pot either. It is like maybe he can see but silly really. But find maybe there is some communication there even about other things.